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This simple website is designed to provide relevant information about us, as fast as possible with no frills to slow down your device.

We have been providing I.T.C. Management services in various capacities to Small and medium organizations since 1996. We take pride in maintaining a level of trust where our clients can depend on us to provide unbiased input and technical services that enable them to maximize their efficiency and reduce expenses. As of January 2016, we are also providing management of Brand/Design/Content solutions for web and other mediums.

We work for you! We provide enterprise level Direction, Products, and services, without the enterprise costs, for Small to Medium Business from 1 to 500 seats and up. Our Adaptable fee SLA  insures we are at your beck and call during your business hours. There are no beginners at Your Side I.T; there is a Director of I.T. / Network Operations Manager and a deputy Director of I.T. /Sr. Network Operations Manager who are well skilled and experienced to always insure you are getting the best value for your dollar. We have an enterprise Content Management expert, a creative leader responsible for branding, design, look and feel, and a Literary genius who brings the art of copy write to our clients. If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us. We will arrange to meet you in person, or virtually online, at your convenience. After we meet with you for the first time, we will develop a go-forward plan and service level agreement (SLA) contract that best suits your needs

Our SLA contracts are a definition of services and service levels we will provided to our clients at defined rates. Our contracts are available on 1-year terms, with monthly options to make adds/moves/changes, to accommodate growth, contraction, inflation, deflation, and service level changes. We encourage our clients to not sign more than 1-year agreements with any providers where possible. Lock-in can prevent you from exploring all options available. We are always available to our clients to act as negotiators on their behalf should they have a need for multiple providers, for example: multinational companies.

What do we look like? Our typical dress code is casual with a bit of geekness (think Big Bang Theory).  Where required, we will adjust accordingly and/or If we have a long term on-site position, we will conform to site dress code.

- Managing I.T.C. for a number of SMBs of varying size 1 to 500 seats across 1 to many locations
- Design and management of Client/Server systems, groupware systems (both MS Exchange, and open-source groupware), web hosting systems, applications, and Database Servers.

- Business continuity planning (emergency response planning for I.T. operations and backups systems)
- Design and manage Wireless and wired networking, including mobile/cell/POTS connectivity.
- Design and manage Network security
- Coordinate Software development/Evaluation/procurement/implementation in a variety of environments.
- Coordinate Web and Mobile Application Development
- Document Management and Search Solutions
- Web Presence and Content Management Systems development
- Customer Relationship Management systems
- Training

Industry experience:
- Automotive retail
- Oil & Gas / Energy
- Medical
- Veterinary services
- Medical services
- Retail
- Accounting services
- Technical Services (Trades)
- Software Development
- Law
- Transportation
- Grant funded Projects
- Other Professional services

Specialty Systems:
- Workstations for development, production, or analysis in a variety of fields such as Medical, Seismic, CAD, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Surveillance, and more
- Custom Firewall and Network systems
- I.P Surveillance cameras
- Security systems
- Voice over I.P. (VoIP)
- Replicating virtual servers for Disaster mitigation

Our Position on various subjects:
    Cloud services: We do not promote the use of free public Cloud services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. A standard setup by common inexperienced users inevitably leads to security breaches and or other negative consequences. On the other hand, a properly designed Private or hybrid Cloud can be a very useful minimum expense that insures privacy and productivity.
    Cloud based applications (hosted applications): While this is a great idea and leads to improved application support, it mostly benefits the provider in reducing their overhead. In some cases it can increase your overhead via connectivity requirements, and reduced application response time to user interaction. At the same time it can reduce your overhead as well by consolidating licensing costs via the vendor and reduced hardware and support requirements. Please always ask the assistance of your I.T. provider (us) in making these decisions. What looks good in the marketing materials is not always the best final decision.
    Equipment life spans: We encourage clients to plan to replace desktop hardware every three years. Servers and Network gear should also be replaced every 3 years to a maximum of 5-years depending on vendor warranty. For our custom systems, we re-use casings where ever possible only replacing the internal components. We encourage low power consumption systems wherever possible. We Love standardization.

    Budgets: We want our clients to develop I.T. Plans and Budgets so their Organization will be as efficient and productive as possible. Break/Fix-as-needed type scenarios are only unwanted/unexpected costs. Unfortunately we do encounter scenarios where funds are limited and we are forced to work with what we have. In these cases we start with the worst, and help our clients plan for the future.
    Outsourcing I.T. vs. In-house staff: Every organization is different. We usually recommend full outsourcing, but there are scenarios that may require a combination of in-house and outsourced solutions. We will point out that one of our biggest pet peeves is an organization that puts employees whose core competency is something other than I.T. in charge of I.T. to save money. Inevitably this leads to quick/poor decisions or wasted money. The employees tend to go with what they know or the latest marketing, which are not always up to date or the best solutions for the given problems. Each one of us spends a minimum of 4 hours per week of doing product research and testing.


Services available for our Clients, their staff and family members:

Full Featured Groupware for individuals, groups, or families, that do not need personalised a domain.

Our Features:
- Web 2.0 interface
- Shared Calendars, Contacts, etc.
- Push Sync; inbox, sent items, contacts, tasks, notes to android, iOS, Windows mobile, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2011, etc.
- All secure